May 28th, 2018

For Immediate Release:

On Memorial Day 2018, I want to offer this sentiment.

We are losing 22 Veterans a day to Suicide. If you or someone you know is at risk, regardless of being in the military, call: 

1-800-APE-TALK   or    1-800-273-8255

We are creating a Warrior Class at the expense of a Middle Class. Used to be you could get vocational training in high school. Now to get it for free you have to sign up for military service.

The reasons to wage war in WWII were not politically motivated over Oil. 

Our Politicians need to be more cautious when they put our heroes in harm's way, overseas fighting for someone else's problems.

I mean no disrespect to the memory of the fallen. They died for us. I know that. Now, they can't speak, but you can, with your vote. 

If elected I will not weaken the military, but I will demand our patriotic men and women are not exploited for some shareholder's gain.


Peace through Trade,

Patrick Malloy, Candidate

U.S. House of Representatives CA-50



February 24th, 2018

For Immediate Release:

Time and time again, we react to crisis and determine in the analysis that Federal, State and Local authorities failed to coordinate and prevent a tragedy.

My name is Patrick Malloy, and I’m on the ballot for U.S. Representative in California’s 50th from Temecula to Jamul, and from San Marcos to Borrego Springs.

I lived and worked in NYC during September 11th, and I’m seeing the same lack of coordination working against us now.

I’m going to offer to you a Gun Safety proposal that will make us safer.

If elected I will show up to work on day one with a Legislative proposal in hand that fosters coordination between Federal, State and Local Authorities and keeps us safer, whilst still respecting the 2nd Amendment.

Individual Responsibility: You own it, you’re responsible for it. That could be a weapon, or for that matter a vehicle. I see a parallel between our motor vehicle laws and Gun Safety.

Driving is a privilege, one that can be easily taken away, or re-instated. I’ve got a car with license plates registered in my name, a VIN#, insurance and I’ve got a driver’s license in my pocket. My insurance cost reflects years of safe driving. If an optometrist deems me unable to operate a vehicle, it can be reported it to the Department of Motor Vehicles. I will receive notification and have redress to appeal. If I get pulled over for reckless driving I’ll accumulate points on my license and my insurance will go up. I can’t drive any vehicle I want like a NASCAR down the street and there are separate classifications for driving a truck, Haz-Mat, etc. If I operate the vehicle in an unsafe manner I will potentially face a judge and have my day in court.

Gun Safety can be implemented in much the same way as we regulate ownership and operation of motor vehicles. We have over 263 million cars registered in the US. We can do this. Your kids would want you to do this, ask them.

Federal Registration: You own it, it’s your responsibility to register it. It’s your serial number and if you lose it or sell it it’s your responsibility to contact the authorities. When we have a coordinated data share between Federal, State and Local authorities we will have a safer United States of America.

State Licensing: Demonstrate with a written test to first obtain a permit, and thereafter a field test to obtain a license that proves you are competent to handle a weapon, and knowledgeable of its lawful use.

States’ Rights: Different States will outlaw some weapons, types of ammunition, etc. Individual States may determine if Insurance is a mandate.

Due Process: In the event that a person is deemed incompetent, they deserve their day in court. My proposal offers an officer of the law a conduit to obtain a warrant and keep the peace.

Buyback programs: Offer a Federal tax credit for those who don’t wish to have the burden of registering and obtaining licensing for weapons in their possession.

An Optometrist can contact the Department of Motor Vehicles if a patient is going blind. Why can’t a Pharmacist, or a licensed medical practitioner do the same?  Allow our healthcare practitioners to advise suspension of licensure when a prescription’s side effects or diagnosed disorder clearly state the potential for suicidal or homicidal ideation exists. We need to coordinate our efforts.

A fire fighter should have the knowledge that a garage is full of ammunition before rushing into a blazing home, and a local police officer should know that there is a weapon to be secured before leaving a Domestic violence call. A shared electronic Federal database is the first step towards proactively securing gun safety in these United States of America.

In closing, thank you for your time reading my proposal,



Patrick Malloy,

Candidate US House of Representatives

California’s 50th


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