Postal Service & Federal Workers

Our Post Offices serve as a place in every town in America where the US Flag waves and citizens can be served.

  This is especially important in our rural communities.  I denounce the GOP efforts to destroy America’s post office, founded by Bemjamin Franklin in 1775.  Post Office services can be expanded to include more services as is done in other countries; passports, immigration services, even small banking. 

  • I strongly support Postal Reform Overnight Delivery Act (HR784) and the related Senate bill (S-2051) that directs the postal Service to reinstate 2011 service standards (6 day delivery, moratorium on rural plant closures).
  •  I support allowing the US Postal Service providing basic financial services, small dollar loans, checking& savings (HR4422).

Federal Employees

Republicans too often try to demonize Federal workers

They forget that Congressmen and Senators are federal employees as well.  It is simply wrong to cut VA or Education budgets, then blame them for shortcomings, using them as political pawns.  Federal workers, which includes our military, deserves Fair pay and benefits.  We should not be balancing the budget on their backs.

  • I support the repeal of the Windfall Elimination Provision (HR 973) and the reform of the Windfall Elimination Provision in it's original form (HR711). 
  • I also support the related Social Security Fairness Act in the Senate (S1651).
  • I support the Federal Adjustment of Income Rates (HR4585) to give federal employees a 3.8% raise in 2017.
  • I strongly oppose the Republican's Federal Employee Rights Act that limits the rights of federal employee unions. 
  • I support Campaign Finance Reform (HR20) that puts small donors on par with wealthy donors and  provides matching contributions from government.
  • I support allowing the Federal Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) Prescription Drug Oversight & Cost Savings Act (HR2175) to give OPM more authority over prescription drug contracting & pricing

The incumbent, Rep Hunter has a 0% rating from the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) for his votes on Federal Employee issues.  I will be 100%.


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