Gun Safety:

I worked in NYC during September 11th. We all saw that a lack of coordination between Federal, State and Local authorities enabled that tragedy.

That same lack of coordination between the authorities enabled Parkland, as well. The Feds didn't contact the State, and the local 911 dispatcher couldn't initiate a warrant to impound the weapons at the home of an at risk individual.

Here's my proposal on what to do about it: If we can Register, License and Insure 263 million cars here in the United States, and swiftly determine who's responsible for it's safe operation then we can do the same with guns.

We need a shared Federal Database of registered owners and the serial numbers they are responsible for. The individual States regulate the permitting, licensing and insurance mandates. 

Driving is a privilege, one that can be easily taken away. Guns need the same State Regulation. 

Our Right to Freedom of Speech is regulated, with laws regarding slander, and liable.

Voting is regulated, you must be 18yrs old and a US Citizen to vote. Felons lose their voting privileges but in some States they can be re-instated. 

Guns are regulated right now- You can't own a sawed off shotgun, or fully automatic weapon. 

Background checks are a start, but they are a snapshot in time. A Driver’s license must be renewed periodically. In our State, a written test of the rules of the road enables a permit, and a field test demonstrates safe operation. The law has the authority to impound the vehicle. States should have the authority to determine who is qualified to own and operate a weapon. States should have the authority to mandate Insurance. Let Big Insurance get in the ring with the NRA and see what happens when those two gorillas duke it out.

When I was a kid, the first car I had was a 73 VW. The insurance was high, because I had not proven that I was a safe driver yet. The insurance on a 1984 Ferrari would have been out of the question. In this model owning a .22 caliber rifle would be less expensive to insure than a semi-automatic weapon. 

If a licensed medical practitioner determines that an individual is at risk, they are compelled to alert the authorities. I believe in due process.  Recourse and appeal is available to overturn at an incompetence hearing. Right now in the case of guns, we don't have that system in place, and with your help, I'd like to change that. 

It is legal to drive 85 mph in Texas. Can a Texan pulled over for speeding here in California claim ignorance of the law? No, one must follow the rules of the State they are in.

I support States Rights. Each State gets to be its own laboratory, and other States laws do not supersede our own. I do not support Concealed Carry Reciprocity.

Again, the key is a coordinated effort between Federal, State and Local Authorities. We create a safer America when that data is available to States and Local Authorities that can swiftly identify an at risk individual, and give a Law Enforcement officer the ability to obtain a warrant for the impoundment of that individuals weapon.  

People break the speed limit all the time, drive without a license etc. Should we toss out speed limits and red lights because they are not working 100%?  No, my point here is that no law is held to that standard. Although my proposal is not perfect, It is both a start, and an indication that as your Representative I will offer innovative solutions to the problems we face together.

The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and the Second Amendment leaves room for States to Regulate. My proposal is in line with precedent. The spirit of the law would stand up to Judicial review, and it is feasible. We need to do it now. No other Democrat on the Ballot in our race offers anything innovative like this to you the voter to address a pressing issue of our time.

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