Create clean energy jobs to sustain economic growth.    

Manmade carbon emissions are harming the environment and causing disastrous climate change. One of Southern California’s greatest resources is our sunshine. Just as we use this resource to attract tourists and retirees, We can use our sunshine to produce clean energy and create thousands of jobs.

Our incumbent in congress is harming our economy, putting us at risk of wildfire, and damaging the environment by refusing to pass any legislation to fight climate change and global warming.

  •     The California drought continues with no end forecasted.  Farms are suffering in brutal heat and reduced water supplies.
  •     Wildfire season is growing longer and becoming more intense.
  • ​    Sea level rise is threatening our coastal military installations who are forced to spend millions of dollars to keep important facilities above water.

  In Congress, I will partner with the Democratic team and stand up to the climate change deniers and fight to pass meaningful legislation.  We can intelligently address climate change, and boost our local economy by creating thousands more jobs in clean energy right here in California’s 50th district.  I believe it is an urgent priority is to have congress renew the tax credits for homeowner investments in sustainable energy beyond 2016.  With tax incentives for homeowners and small businesses, we can finance a clean future with strong job growth.

 There is economic opportunity in trying to solve problems.  Our Do-Nothing Congress is achieving Nothing.

Republicans are working to undo the rules that keep our air and water clean.  Drilling for more oil and gas is the way of the past.  It wastes our investment dollars and risks polluting our gorgeous State.  We need to look to the future.

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