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Endorsements by Organizations                              

    San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council

 North County Labor Alliance

ABATE Union of Motorcyclists     

California Democratic Party                

San Diego County Democrats  

Riverside County Democrats  

Democrats of Southwest Riverside County  

Escondido Democratic Club    

Fallbrook Democratic Club    

 East County Democratic Club   

 Veterans Democratic Club of San Diego County   

San Diego Free Press   

Clairemont Democratic Club     

Endorsements by Individuals 

FrancineBusby  San Diego Democratic County Party Chair:  Its time to replace corrupt Congressman Duncan Hunter with a hard-working American who will serve his district with honesty and integrity.
PJ Duke: Malloy is on the right side of all of the issues  He is visionary, articulate, sincere, savvy, compassionate, practical, and not for sale. In short, he has exactly the character of politician I am looking for.
Janus Musante: Patrick Malloy is the candidate who supports the issues I care most about. He'll vote for what is in the best interests of not only his constituents but for the rest of the Country as well. Its about time we have someone with integrity and honor serve us in Congress.

Kent Smith Veteran:  Patrick Malloy is the best candidate we've had in years to go up against the nepotistic father/son Hunter political machine. He is charismatic, knowledgeable, and in all ways highly qualified to lead in the 50th CD.  As a Veteran, I greatly appreciate that Patrick, instead of speaking to tear down our VA, like Mr. Hunter, recognizes and supports the good work being done there.
 Tom Frew  Veteran
Patrick will rid the district of our wacky, tea-bagger congressman, who inherited his job from his Daddy. Vote Malloy and give Hillary a Democratic Congress to work with.

Jake Lowe: Patrick is someone who can make a stand on behalf of struggling middle class workers in the 50th District.

Roger Coppock: Up with Malloy! I just volunteered to walk the 50th District for Malloy.  Duncan Hunter  of the 50th Congressional District is my least favorite politician.  For years, he has made dangerously dumb statements about both Nuclear Weapons and Climate Change. If his lunatic stupidity on the first issue doesn't kill you outright, his total ignorance of the latter issue will slowly starve your grandchildren. He was weak in the primary, getting only 57% of the vote. Lets all volunteer to work to replace Duncan Hunter with Patrick Malloy in November!

Bonnie Price, phdPatrick Malloy will be a breath of fresh air in Washington. He will work for the residents of the 50th district, not some military contractor or other major campaign donor.

Heidi EstabrookAs a social worker who serves at risk community members, I feel Patrick Malloy is the person who will work towards positive change in our community.

Richard Bova

Antonio Robles: Patrick Malloy is the perfect candidate to help rebuild America and create the political revolution this country needs.




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