Ramona “Mountain Magic” Wine & Cheese Tasting

Met with Ramona residents and new small business owners to talk about better ways for their wineries to grow, prosper and to persuade them to establish their Vineyards in our district.

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Escondido Grape Day Park

Grape Day Park; Escondido Muslim Community gets together for a fun afternoon of music, dance, and a Bazaar.

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Lake Cuyamaca

Met with small business owners running a boat rental and fishing outfit as well as a small convenience store. This Lake and the Dam built in 1888 as a member of the Helix water district is an integral part of San Diego's water sources and definitely due for an upgrade with my infrastructure project to hire locals and vets with preferential hiring treatment.

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Campaigning in Guatay, population 500, eager to get more construction jobs.

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Pine Valley

Met with members of community and local fire department to listen to what this part of the district needs most.  It sounds like more boots on the ground for the fire department instead of tree abatement, and a reclassification from forestry technician to firefighter for a more accurate job description with better pay and employment advancement in the future, for some of the firefighters.

Posted on 16 Apr 2016, 20:50 - Category: All

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