It's Time for a Change.

Income Inequality is the pressing issue of our time. It's not what you make it's what you keep. Most of us are happy to pay our taxes, we just want to get something in return, as opposed to funding a war overseas that seems to have no end in sight. I believe that we all would have more disposable income if we had Single Payer Healthcare. Canadians pay on average $35 a month. All our allies have this Single Payer Healthcare, Universal Healthcare etc. How can they afford to give it to their citizens and we haven't yet? 

Well, let's change that together. Let's elect regular people like myself, a local Realtor to the US House of Representatives. I live an ordinary life with bills to pay, a house budget to manage, and a rainy day fund that my wife and I try not to dip into. Let's let folks like ourselves Represent ourselves and our tax contributions, and get that money back here, Stateside to reduce the cost of Healthcare. Let's focus on getting jobs for our neighbors, that improve all of our lives. 

I'm running to be your Representative in Washington D.C. because the Middle Class needs effective representation in the House. One of us, who is familiar with our day to day lives.  

The Middle Class, and those of us who aspire to get into it, contribute the lion’s share of the Federal Taxes collected each year. We want that money coming back home to fix our roads, schools, hire our locals, reduce our healthcare costs, and get our communities safer here at home. Congress holds the purse strings, and we do not want to continue wasting our tax dollars overseas on other people’s problems when we have problems of our own to address right here at home.  

I ran in the last Primary election, alongside five other well qualified candidates and earned the right to face Representative Duncan Hunter in the General where I achieved 103,646 votes. Since the last U.S. Census Re-Districting, no other challenger in the 50th has done as well. The next closest was 83,455. If you voted for me before, thank you. Please stay the course and you will elect a Democrat who's already been through the mill. If there was any dirt on me, which there isn't, it would have come up in the last election, which it didn't because there isn't any. 

Members of Congress have a fiduciary relationship to the people in their district. I have a fiduciary relationship now with my clients as their Realtor. My record is blemish free. The Real Estate business is highly regulated. I hold a license issued from the California Bureau of Real Estate, that could be revoked, or suspended and it has never once been in question.  I've suffered no blights on my career, no complaints nor any judgements of any kind. I work closely with men and women in close quarters in the most important transaction of their life. I can look a client right in the eye and tell them, I will not let you down, shake hands and get to work. 

I use facts in a debate and present concrete solutions. Those facts presented may be uncomfortable for some, but I believe that sunlight is the best disinfectant. I make my living making sure those who have put their trust in me don't get taken advantage of. If that means speaking truth to power, I'm the man for the job. If there is a material fact that is ethical to disclose and in your best benefit, I won't hesitate.  I won’t hide behind thoughts and prayers, I will present innovative solutions such as my Gun Safety proposal. I don't blame or feel entitled. I believe in hard work, merit and putting your own money where your mouth is. I listen, echo back the concern, and address the problem. That's what good Representation is all about. You will be voting for your own personal Bulldog in Washington D.C.

Reaching a compromise is a win. I do not give up the farm when I'm working.  I do show the opposing party what's in it for them with a yes, and conversely what their clients detriment is as a consequence of delay or brinksmanship. I work with buyers and sellers, similar in a way to Republicans and Democrats. My negotiating style is Carrot-Stick-Carrot. 

Congress holds the purse strings, but it is not a business, I know that. My approach as a US Representative will be to look at voting, amending or authoring legislation through the lens of the Middle Class. I am able to be responsible and accountable to you, the constituent. My proposals are feasible, innovative, and have popular appeal with an audience of Republicans and Democrats, alike. We need to get this country back together with reasonable legislation, I want to do my part to achieve exactly that.

I humbly ask you for your vote this Election, it would be the honor of a lifetime to me to Author a Gun Safety Proposal, Co-Sponsor a Bill on Immigration Reform, Pass Medicare for All, and Stand up to the Executive Branch on your behalf and demand, No More War, We want our Tax Money to work for us here at Home. 



Vote Patrick Malloy for US Congress.

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