It's Time for a Change.

I'm running for the US House of Representatives to repair our Do-Nothing Congress and rid it of the lazy corruption it represents. I see our district going unattended as Congress repeatedly shuts down our government because of it's failure to work together to pass a budget on schedule. I am asking you to send me to Washington so that I can devote myself to putting CD-50 back on the top of the priority list.

As a local Realtor, I know all of the roads, schools and neighborhoods in our district first-hand from working on and around them. I bring years of experience gathering two opposing sides together towards one common goal, a skill set that our current 115th Congress needs more than ever. I also know how to listen, and that will be my primary focus as your representative. Serving in Congress means representing the 732,000 people that live in our district, not special interests or a political party. I will write and support legislation based on regular feedback from you. Put me in office and you will have one of your own standing up for you, period.

This means that you will also see me out and about at town hall meetings, public events, and any other opportunities to hear your ideas or concerns as often as possible. I am committed to a transparent term of service - you will never need to ask where I am or have a hard time reaching me or my staff.

I'm very eager to get to work serving you in Washington. That is why I respectfully ask for your vote in this next election. Thank you for considering me for this most important job.

Thank You,

Patrick Malloy, Candidate US House of Representatives

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