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There is a very good chance that we are going to have a Special Election, and if so I will be on your ballot. Special Elections are called by our Secretary of State when the U.S. Representative position is vacated.

According to The Washington Times 12/15/2016: The House Ethics Committe said Thursday (Dec 15th, 2016) it is continuing an investigation into possible ethics violations by Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., following an inquiry launched by the independent Office of Congressional Ethics.

The House Ethics Committee does not leak, nor does it announce lightly. If there is an investigation underway on your Congressman, you wouldn't know it unless it has concluded, or you were one of the persons subpoenaed. If you would like to see the Press release from the House Ethics Committee regarding Rep. Duncan D. Hunter, please see link:

If this position is vacated, either as a result of a House Ethics Committee Investigation, or a possible nomination to Trumps Administration, I will run for US Representative in the Special Election.

Thank you to the over 100,000 voters who filled in the oval next to my name this past election- I won't let you down. My name will be on the ballot in the next election for CD-50.



It is time for a change. I’m running for the US House of Representatives to repair our Do-Nothing Congress and rid it of the lazy corruption the Hunter family represents.  I see our district going unattended as Congress repeatedly shuts down our government because of their failure to pass a budget on schedule. I feel it is my duty to go to Washington and devote myself to cleaning up this mess caused by their refusal to do the job. 

Our district is not being honestly represented.  Our current congressman, who is the son of a congressman,  has collected $1.2M in salary in his 7+ years on the job. Where are the jobs? He sits on the Infrastructure committee, perhaps if he sat in traffic out here like we do, he'd do something about our Infrastructure. I will adress these local issues with jobs for locals and vets.

As a local real estate agent, I know all the roads, schools, and neighborhoods in our district first hand from working it it. I know first hand how to negotiate so that both sides reach a compromise, a trait that Congress could benefit from greatly.

The job is to represent the 732,000 people that live in our district, period. Too many lifelong polititians get caught up in representing special interests, following the lead of the President, and their party. I am here to offer you representation in Washington D.C. I will write legislation and vote on legislation the way that our district wants to be represented, not the way that a President, Party, Donor, or Special Interest demands. Put me in office and you have one of your own standing up for you, period.

I’m here to represent you and your familys,  the people of this district.  If you elect me to Congress, you will have a very visable and hands on representative. The job is 100 days in Washington, and 200 days back in the district. You will see me out and about at town hall meetings, public events, the front door of your kids school, and in Public Service Announcements on radio or television, I am not interested in hiding in an office.

My interest is in listening to you at local town halls, getting consensus throughout the district and formulating a plan of action that includes writing Federal Legislation addressing your concerns, and championing those in the House.  I will look at what works here and abroad and what doesn't, bringing best practices to our part of California, and create jobs in doing so. 

I’m very eager to get cracking and to address the issues that will create jobs; clean energy, infrastucture   improving our roads, watersupplies and powerlines, and to hire vets and locals to do the work. My focus will be on you in the district. You are the boss, I will be honored to serve here and in Washington.

I respectfully ask for your vote in this next election. Thank you for considering me, for this most important job.

Thank You,

Patrick Malloy

Candidate U.S. House of Representatives

California CD-50  

CD 50
California's 50th Congressional District CD50 

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